The air in KC is just a bit cleaner due to the stay-at-home

A section of the Kansas City skyline seen looking from the north toward the southeast
Photo credit Getty / RudyBalasko

Kansas City, MO - The skies, and the air, has been just a bit cleaner in recent weeks here in the Metro.  And it's because we've been hunkered down, staying at home, driving less.  

 We don't have a problem with smog here in Kansas City, but we do have air pollution, according to Karen Clawson, thr principal planner for the Air Quality Program with the Mid-America Regional Council.

Clawson says her group keeps tabs on air quality across the Metro.

“We have a handful of air quality monitors throughout the Kansas City region, and every day they’re providing us with data about the ozone from these various parts of the region.”

She says it’s still early in the year for ozone pollution, but separate studies of vehicular traffic have shown that because there aren’t as many cars out and about, the air we breathe is cleaner.

“We have reduced traffic on the roads, so we’re seeing a lot less of those particular components of ozone," says Clawson.  

Clawson says that the shelter-in-place order has generally been positive for the environment.

Of course, as it's Springtime, and for those who suffer from seasonal allergies and who live here in what is annually one of the worst places for allergies... they may not notice a difference.