Kansas governor issues new mask mandate as COVID cases surge

KS Governor Laura Kelly announcing a new mask mandate November 18, 2020
Photo credit KS Governor Facebook

Topeka, KS – Gov. Laura Kelly has issued a new mask mandate in hopes of lessening the spread of the coronavirus in Kansas after the state again reported another record seven-day increase in new cases.

Kelly’s order takes effect Nov. 25, the day before Thanksgiving, and only in counties that don’t yet have their own mask mandates. The week-long lead time is to allow counties that don't have mandates to create their own orders or adopt the state's version.

Highlights of the new Kansas mask mandate:

●Masks must be worn inside any public space or in line to enter a public space.
●They must also be worn while outdoors in public spaces without the ability to maintain a 6-foot distance.
●Individuals who live together are exempt.
●Businesses must require customers and employees to wear a mask in any space visited by customers or members of the public.
●Children 5 and younger are exempt.

The state’s rolling seven-day average for new coronavirus cases was more than nine times higher Wednesday than it was than when her first order took effect.

Kansas reporting an additional 5,853 cases on Wednesday, November 18th, and another 60 deaths. Hospitalizations have risen 130 since Monday.