Incredibly spun spiderweb found in Missouri looks like it could 'catch' a human


SPRINGFIELD, Mo (KMOX) - Spider webs found out in the wild don't get much more impressive than one that was recently discovered in a Missouri forest.

A photo of this massive-looking web was posted by the Missouri Department of Conservation on Facebook and has gained more than 2,700 shares. Some are freaking out at the size of it and said it looks like "the kind that literally 'catch' people if they walk through them at night."

While you may not get stuck inside the web, it would take some real work to get it off of your body.

The web is actually about the size of a dinner plate and was made by an orbweaver, also known as a barn spider. They're best at catching flies because of their big and intricate webs.

This nearly-perfect, circular web was made between two trees and the photo's perspective makes it look a lot bigger than it really is. But that didn't calm everyone's nerves.

Some commenters on Facebook were shocked and asked for a warning before posting a pic like that next time. And a few people mentioned needing to find a new place to live.

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