Gunner and Cheyenne Daily Show Podcast 7/15

Gunner and Cheyenne
By KMLE Country 1079

Cheyenne's Nanny got in a car accident and the person left the scene. How Messed up! Lizzo bought sandwiches for a valley hospital. How nice right? Who will be victorious in One Big Trivia Game today? Team Gunner or Team Cheyenne? What does new Sam Hunt music sound like? Cheyenne will let you know in "The Buzz." Producer JP has a very special birthday song of the week for twin sisters! A Brand new I Love You man where Gunner finds out where Flamingos outside your house means. What childhood items did you wish you still had? What team name will Washington change their NFL team to? What always brightens your mood/day? Masterpiece theatre. Can you guess what movie we are acting out?