Brantley Gilbert is honored to give back to Veterans

Brantley Gilbert
By KMLE Country 1079

As we look forward to celebrating Veterans Day on November 11th, Brantley Gilbert reflects on how grateful he is that he's been able to honor our vets in some pretty meaningful ways, including reaching out to them personally through emails and phone calls.

“You know, I found that a lot of work that I’ve done with the military it adds a lot to my life," he shares in a statement from his label. "I invest in relationships, and once I care about somebody I keep up with ‘em and make sure they’re okay, the best I can. 

"You know, a lot of these fellas go through some stuff and it’s kind of up and down with them, and I find myself on phone conversations late at night talking about things that are difficult to talk about that aren’t about me, which is really, really good for me and helps me a lot," he continues. "That’s really rewarding as well. 

"So, you know, I think sometimes it’s the little things for me that count. What I can do behind the scenes is really where I think I can help the most. I’m enjoying that right now.”