Brett Young loves being home for his daughter's "firsts"

Brett Young
Photo credit Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images
By KMLE Country 1079

One good thing that's come out of the pandemic for Brett Young, who, like all musicians, has been forced to stop touring, is the additional, unexpected time at home with his family - especially with a young daughter.

“For everybody this is a weird year, and it’s frustrating and you want it to get back to normal," he sympathizes in a statement from his label. "[The] sad reality is probably the normal won’t look like it ever did before anyway. 

"But I have gotten to see and hear a lot of 'firsts' with my daughter because during the summer fair and festival season when I would have been gone four days a week, I was home," he continues. "You know, I heard her say da-da for the first time. I was there for that. But there’s been a lot of things that I haven’t had to miss out on that I definitely would have missed out on if we were at normal capacity. 

"And so, you’ve gotta kinda fight to look for the silver lining but there’s a handful of them if you’re willing to look for ‘em.”