Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley shares how he handles anxiety and worry

Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line
Photo credit Photo: Rich Fury / Getty Images
By KMLE Country 1079

Between the election cycle and the pandemic, a lot of us are feeling stressed and anxious, including the boys of Florida Georgia Line

“I think we both have found a lot of peace of mind and body and soul and everything in exercise, workin’ out, yoga, trying to stay active," muses Brian Kelley in a statement from the duo's label. "Definitely think that helps out with worrying and just getting, maybe a little anxious. 

"I used to beat myself up about worrying some, and I’ve gotten better about it, but I think when you’re thankful for the things you have and the things that matter there is a little bit of a good worry because you don’t want to lose that," he continues. "You wanna keep working hard. 

"But when you get that bad worry, it’s good to go for a run and stay active, call a friend, call someone you need. But worry can get the best of you. It’s a daily fight but you’ve just gotta trust God, trust yourself and get out there and get it.”