Halloween is a big deal in Mike Eli's house

Mike Eli of Eli Young Band
Photo credit Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images
By KMLE Country 1079

It's a good thing that Halloween is almost here, because Mike Eli's daughter has been waiting for it all year!

“Halloween is my daughter’s favorite holiday," the lead singer for the Eli Young Band said in a statement from their label. "Last year, Christmas, we got to the next day and she asked me, ‘Okay, so how long until Halloween?’, so it’s an important holiday for us at our house. 

"The last couple years I haven’t dressed up and she has given me such a hard time," he continues. "But she puts so much thought and energy into it all year long that by the time that we get there where we have to pick something for us to wear, she has worn us out. So, we’re just happy that we’re to the end of it. 

"But she loves Halloween and I think it’s really cute how much she loves it.”