Kindness Counts: Every little bit helps! When soap or toothpaste can change lives.

American Eagle Credit Union personal hygiene drive for Little Bit Foundation
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80 Random Acts of Kindness to celebrate American Eagle Credit Union's 80th Anniversary 

Maybe you've had to wrestle your child against his will into the shower. Or maybe your daughter uses way too much shampoo. But personal hygiene items for most of our kids is something we, and they, take for granted. Grabbing a coat on their way out the door, or forcing them into one, is a given. Not so for others in our community. In fact, for thousands of kids in the St. Louis area, a washing machine or clean clothes are NOT a given.

Enter the Little Bit Foundation, addressing the needs of the whole child – body, mind and spirit – so kids can focus on their education. 

Currently in 42 schools in Riverview Gardens and St. Louis Public Schools, Little Bit sets up "boutiques" where children can pop in for things they need. 

"It's basically an emergency room," says Lucy England, volunteer manager. "If they come to school without a coat, if they have an accident and need a pair of socks or underwear, this room is available to them. Last year we gave out more than 45,000 pairs [of socks and underwear]. If you don't have a washing machine in your home or maybe running water, it's hard to do your laundry."

Each boutique includes personal hygiene packs: a bar of soap, a washcloth, a travel size shampoo and conditioner. There are also family-size personal hygiene packs that the kids can bring home, as well as dental packs.

A tour through their warehouse showed huge boxes of stuffed animals for their "Books and Buddies" program, racks full of coats, boxes full of hygiene items.

Donations of coats, personal hygiene items and children's books are always needed. (Here's what they need most and tips on hosting a drive). 

Kindness counts! See how your random act of kindness can spur others throughout our community.

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