Is the decluttering craze filling you with dread?

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

St. Louis, MO (KMOX) - You may want to spring clean, but feel guilty about what you're getting rid of. 

"I think one of the things that I do most for people is sort of give them permission to let go of stuff," says Janine Adams, Certified Professional Organizer, Found of Peace of Mind Organizing. "Even if I'm not saying it out loud, something about the process helps with that.

"Anyone who's called me into his or her home ... has reached a point where they're ready for some change."

The two questions Adams asks new clients:  1) do you feel at ease in your space? 2) are you willing to be gentler with yourself?

"People who are dealing with clutter are so hard on themselves and it breaks my heart."

Adams says decisions about what needs to go can involve a lot of guilt. Guilt over spending money on things you don't like or use, guilt over getting rid of things that may still have use and guilt about items you received as gifts.

She says just because clients are ready for a change, doesn't mean they're emotionally ready to jump in feet first.  Peace of Mind Organizing offers a team approach to decluttering and organizing or a less intense one-on-one option.  "Those people who want me to bring in a team are fast decision makers.  They're the ones who are just giddy by the end of the session because we can make so much progress so quickly.  For people who are slow decision makers or have a special attachment to their stuff, a team can be more stressful."

Sometimes one person in a house is ready to purge and another is not.  Adams says she advises the one who is ready to keep hands off the stuff of the partner who is not.  

KMOX News asked Adams what she sees as people go through the decluttering process.  "I see people getting lighter and happer and you see this weight being lifted from them."

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