Last week of school is a letdown for many Illinois students

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

COLLINSVILLE, IL (KMOX) - It's an unusual end to an unusual school year for students in Illinois as many wrap up remote learning this week.

The transition between the end of classes and summer break is blurred, as many at-home routines stay pretty much the same in coming weeks. 

Kristin Trapp, Social Worker at Collinsville High School, encourages families to try and keep this time of year as typical as possible.  "Anything that we would normally do at the end of the school year, that's important to continue so that there's that sense of closure.  A lot of families take the first and last day of school pictures.  Do that.  That's important to do.  Those things are normal and comfortable and can try to create some sort of excitement that we're missing out on by not being in the physical building."

Trapp says it's also good to remind your kids of what they've accomplished the last couple of months. "For a lot of students, there's some pride that they have made it through this and done something that nobody's had to do before."  Trapp points out, many children have learned to work more independently and may have gained more resiliency.

She adds it's understandable that children and parents may be experiencing grief about this school year and anxiety about the next.

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