Local SSM Health docs discuss the week's top health stories

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — The most recent edition of Health Matters Presented by SSM Health provides KMOX listeners with an in-depth look at several hot button medical issues. 

From expert analysis on Kratom use in St. Louis County to a new study that could change the way we think about eating meat, this week's show will inform and entertain. 

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Here is a complete rundown on all the topics addressed during Health Matters Presented by SSM Health which aired on KMOX Radio on June 8, 2019. 

1.  Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician. Dr. Wessels comments on the controversial herbal supplement called Kratom — What is it? Is it dangerous? Should it be banned? Can she recommend it? Also — should we take a daily Vitamin D pill to help ward off certain kinds of cancer? Should children take a supplement to help them lose weight, gain energy or build muscle?  A new study show dogs help children lower their blood pressure. And good news for coffee drinkers — a new study finds drinking 25 cups of coffee a day has the same health effect on us as drinking just one. Are all cups of coffee created the same?

2. Dr. MICHAEL LIM, SLU Care cardiologist at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital. A new study suggests white meat is not any healthier for us than red meat — at least when it comes to our cholesterol levels.  So what should we be eating? How good is the Mediterranean Diet? Also — a new British study finds a heart patch containing millions of living cells is successful at helping treat heart failure — but its use in humans is still a long way off. 

3.  Dr. AMER ALSHEKHLEE, vascular surgeon at SSM Health DePaul Hospital. Lowering our risk of stroke. And why African Americans have an increased risk of stroke. Also, why stroke is becoming more common in younger people these days. What are the warning signs? FAST stands for Face, Arms, Speech, Telephone. What should we do if we think we are having a stroke? Ways to prevent stroke. 

4.  ROBERT SILLS, executive chef at SSM Health DePaul Hospital. This past Friday was World Food Safety Day. What foods are the most susceptible to food-borne illnesses? What are some food safety basic tips? How long should leftovers be out of the fridge? What about expiration dates — how closely should those be followed? Plus, our health tip of the week from co-host Dr. JENNIFER WESSELS, SSM Health VP of Medical Affairs and a family medicine physician. She has a warning about turning on that garden hose to cool off your kids during the hot summer. After lying in the sun for who knows how long, the water inside that hose is often too hot and can cause third degree burns in children if you don't let the water run for a bit before playfully spraying it on your child.

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