This man ate a jar of mayo during the Memphis Redbirds game

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Photo credit (Memphis Redbirds)
By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

(KMOX) - Mayonnaise is great in moderation for putting on sandwiches, egg salad, etc. It also has many other uses such as getting chewing gum out of your hair, removing watermarks from wood and even soothing your sunburn. However, one thing we can all agree that it ISN'T meant for is being eaten directly out of the jar during a baseball game. 

This past weekend a Memphis Redbirds fan decided to throw all caution to the wind despite his stomach's best interest and spent the entire baseball game eating a jar of mayo. It was truly thrilling to follow, to say the least. 


We. Can’t. Even. --

— Memphis Redbirds (@memphisredbirds) June 16, 2019

On top of him being in a new seat each time the team tweeted out more updates, people were shocked to find that he was still maintaining a steady "mayo-eating" pace. 

Despite communal disgust, Mayo man stayed true to himself through and through and is an inspiration that we should all be able to bring whatever snack we so please to a baseball game, no matter how much it grosses people out.

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