State Auditor Galloway accused by AG Schmitt of committing felony when releasing audit

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX
JEFFERSON CITY (KMOX) -- Did Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway break the law in how she released an audit? That's what Attorney General Eric Schmitt is saying.She released something in a state audit that Schmitt told her would be a felony to release, making public transcripts of interviews with witnesses in her audit of then Missouri Attorney General, now U.S. Senator, Josh Hawley. "Most disturbing, near the end of the audit, statements were made from the Attorney General's office that were intended to bully my professional staff," Galloway said during a news conference. "None of this is acceptable. It's disapponting how the current Attorney General's office conducted itself.The audit says Hawley used a state vehicle to travel to political events during his time as attorney general. Galloway's office found that Hawley had reimbursed some expenses after making campaign-related stops while using a state vehicle but he owes more. The audit found he broke no laws, but gave the appearance of impropriety by using personal email and a state vehicle for poltical purposes."He, a sitting U.S. Senator, used his political apparatus to essentially conduct opposition research on state employees, and then went to Twitter to disseminate false allegations," Galloway continued. "This behavior is bizarre."Hawley says he's pleased with the audit results but notes there was bias in the review, he contends Galloway is manipulating audits to help her run for governor.The Associated Press contributed to this report. Additional editing by Alex Degman.© 2020 KMOX (Entercom). All rights reserved.