Ameren planning two more electric vehicle charging stations

Ameren EV charging station
Photo credit via Ameren
By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -- Planning a road trip? As more people buy electric vehicles, you'll see more charging stations alongside gas stations on the side of the interstate.

This summer, most people are expected to skip the airport and hit the road instead.

That's why Ameren is facilitating the installation of more charging stations across Missouri, trying to get them spaced 50-to-75 miles apart.

On-road electrification manager Bryan Shannon says they're trying to place them near amenities like a gas station or grocery store.

"A simple stop for a meal, or take the kids out and have them run around a little bit, and you'll be ready to continue on your road trip," he says. "In a half -hour or so you're back on your way."

The latest two "fast charging" stations are being installed at Lumiere Place downtown and at the Schnucks in Warrenton.

Shannon says electric vehicles are better for social distancing because drivers can 'fill up' the night before, charging stations are usually in the back of buildings, and payment is always electronic.

Ameren Missouri's program helps private property owners with up to half the cost of installing electric vehicle charging stations.