Flaherty Friday: We talk superheroes, favorite athletes, passion for competition


JUPITER, Fla. (KMOX) - With Major League Baseball's regular season postponed indefinitely, Cardinals fans couldn't watch Jack Flaherty take the mound in Cincinnati on Thursday to face the Reds on Opening Day. Flaherty, Cardinals fans, and the rest of the sports world will have to wait patiently for games to return, as seasons across the globe are suspended or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Five weeks ago on Friday, Feb. 21, Flaherty was preparing to make his first start of the spring, in the Cardinals' Grapefruit League opener the following day. With weather conditions less than ideal for a KMOX Sports Walk And Talk that Friday afternoon, the Redbirds ace and myself instead chatted in his car about the upcoming year.

No one could foresee how the coronavirus pandemic would change the course of the sports landscape, but Flaherty's message that afternoon is perhaps more applicable now than ever before.

"Everything that you do is about the process and the preparation and whatever is going to get you to the point of success.
"Whatever success looks like for you, is doing everything you possibly can to try and achieve that as many times as you can."

We also talked about celebrities they would swap lives for a day with, athletes in other sports they admire, and debated the merits of certain superhero superpowers.