Media swarm nothing new for KK, but says 40,000 fans watching him pitch everyday will be

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JUPITER, Fla. (KMOX) - As far as professional baseball goes, Kwang-Hyun Kim is about as seasoned a veteran as they come. He's been around the block enough to be unfazed by the 26 media members who are here in Jupiter to cover his every move. But one thing he hasn't be able to prepare for, and is very much looking forward to, is the day he gets in front of 40,000 fans at Busch Stadium.

"There are no professional baseball parks in Korea that can hold 40,000 fans," KK said through his interpreter Craig Choi. "I heard even though is not like a big city, the fans are like crazy about baseball and almost everyday at home games all the fans come and the stadium is filled with 40,000 fans." 

He says typically his weekend home games are filled with the max capacity of about 26,000 fans the Munhak Baseball Stadium, which is the second-largest stadium in the Korean Baseball Organization.  

He spoke to both international and local media after throwing a relatively long bullpen session — about 50 pitches on Tuesday. He says he is working up to be ready for 60-70 by the start of spring training games. 

The media scrum around KK this morning #STLCards #SpringTraining

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But the media surrounding him is something he's comfortable with. He says he's used to the playoffs when it's more than twice that number of reporters and cameras surrording him and others.

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