City asks pranksters to stop dumping dish soap in St. Louis-area fountain


DES PERES, Mo (KMOX) - The World Health Organization has been adamant about people using lots of soap and water amid this pandemic – but someone may have taken it a bit too far in St. Louis County. 

Apparently there has been a prankster dumping dish soap into the City of Des Peres fountain near West County Shopping Center. You can see video of the latest bubbly crime at the top of this page. 

It shows soap bubbles going across Manchester Road and a dome of rising soap coming out of the fountain. Here's what the fountain at Manchester and N. Ballas Roads usually looks like:

"Yes, we appreciate a good practical joke. And yes, we love soap and use it frequently to keep our facilities clean and safe. That doesn't mean they should be mixed together. Please stop dumping AJAX into our beloved fountain! Sincerely, Des Peres staff," a Facebook post stated. 

The post from last Friday has been shared nearly 1,000 times.

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