Former Governor Eric Greitens says, “he is completely exonerated” after a released report by the Missouri Ethics Commission.

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

The commission reports it failed to find evidence to support several allegations that his campaign concealed the source of donations. The Missouri Ethics Commission found no personal wrongdoing and reports, “The undersigned parties jointly agree that § 130.058, RSMo, requires that Mr. Greitens accept responsibility for all reporting violations by Greitens for Missouri, even where the MEC investigation found no evidence that Mr. Greitens knew of the violations.”

He will have to pay a 178-thousand dollar fine for his campaign failing to report some in-kind contributions, but only owes 38-thousand now and only will pay the rest if he's found of another ethics violation in the next two years. Greitens said in regards to those violations the MEC reported that he knew nothing about those violations, they were against his campaign and that he was personally unaware. 

KMOX spoke this morning with the former Governor on any future plans to run for office, specifically Governor in 2020. He said, “since leaving office he’s been asked many times to publicly comment on Missouri politics and other issues, but he purposefully refrained from speaking because he wanted the truth to come out."