EDMONDS: 'It's a purity game and you've got to keep it that way'

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - He stood out in centerfield there for 17 years in the bigs and now he's calling games in the booth, Jim Edmonds knows better than anybody that baseball can be a long game. But he doesn't totally agree with how Major League Baseball is trying to manage the pace-of-play issues.  

"I just think you've got to deal with the pace of play. You start putting (pitch) clocks and all this stuff in, it's not baseball anymore. It's basketball," Edmonds says. "I just think that it's a purity game and you've got to keep it that way. I'm sorry that it's not super exciting all the time, but when it's exciting, it's the best game in the world."

Edmonds admits he knows it's an old-school take on the game and knows baseball is not the easiest to watch in this day and age, but rules like pitch clocks and limiting mound visits aren't the right way to shorten games, he says. 

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