New 'Hygiene Hut' in the Grove provides free personal care items

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Forest Park Southeast is undoubtedly a neighborhood "on the move" with property values rising, more businesses moving in and new construction scattered throughout the neighborhood.But resident Dan Doelling, who's also secretary of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association, says the Grove is still a mixed-income neighborhood, and there are those who sometimes go without basic necessities.Enter "hygiene hut."

"I made it so ugly it's hard to miss," Doelling wrote on Twitter Monday as he took several photos debuting the concept.

Stocked, but room for more! If you plan a night out in The Grove, grab that mini shampoo bottle you swiped from the hotel and leave it for somebody to shower with

— Dan Doelling (@daniel_doelling) September 3, 2019 "I believe everyone should have access to at least the basics," Doelling told KMOX.He's not shy about the simplicity of the concept. He says he took scrap wood from his fathers' property to build the stand, base and roof. He bought the white cabinet off Facebook Marketplace. The idea is to help as many people who need it as possible, but sometimes people are just in a bind and need something quick."Even if you have an emergency and need to grab some supplies, it's there," Doelling says.Doelling says he's doing this on his own – the neighborhood association and city aren't involved.

Because of that he may need some help keeping it going. He suggests dropping by the hut on Manchester near Boyle and dropping off what you can. Do you have unopened mini shampoo bottles from your last hotel stay? Can you afford to stop by the discount section of your local grocery store?Doelling also says you can send him money through Venmo (DanDoelling) or CashApp ($DanielDoelling) and tell him how you want the money spent.He doesn't have plans to expand the idea right now, but he says it would be great if people in other neighborhoods set up something similar.© 2019 KMOX (Entercom). All rights reserved.