Gardner gets support from minority prosecutors; police union leader calls her 'worst prosecutor in the US'

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A day after she filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of St. Louis and the police union, supporters of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner rallied on the downtown courthouse steps. 

Black and female prosecutors from around the country are in St. Louis to support Gardner, who alleges a racist conspiracy to oust her from office. Among them is Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who says she and others have also experienced the 'status quo' challenging their personal and professional competency.

"What we can all attest to is the fact keepers of the status quo, that brought us mass incarnation, the overcriminalization of poor black and brown people, tough sentences, no redemption and no second chances, won't give up their power quietly," Mosby says. "Which is why they've gone above and beyond and to extraordinary lengths in their attempts to conspire to destroy this black woman doing her job."

Mosby claims Gardner is receiving blowback because she's reform-minded.

The police union named in Gardner's lawsuit, the St. Louis Police Officers Association, is fighting back.

Business Manager Jeff Roorda says Gardner has been incompetent as a prosecutor and has frequently failed to file charges sought by police in violent criminal cases. 

"We keep hearing her being the first African-American female prosecutor, the first this, the first that," Roorda says. "We're not criticizing her because she's the first, we're criticizing her because she's the worst, the worst prosecutor in the United States."Gardner herself was not at the rally. Her supporters bristled when questions turned to whether she was under fire for a member of her team, William Tisaby, being accused of perjury in the case against former Missouri Gov. Eric Gretiens.

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