Metro East close to facing tighter COVID-19 restrictions

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KMOX)-Metro east officials will be keeping a close eye on coronavirus test positivity rates this weekend, after they topped eight percent on Friday.

Two more days of rates over eight percent, triggers more restrictions on restaurants, bars and other businesses.

St. Clair County Emergency Management Director Herb Simmons is growing frustrated with those who aren't wearing masks or socially distancing. "It's the ones who think they're immune to this, it's not going to get 'em" Simmons said during the county's Friday coronavirus update. "Pat yourselves on the back and feel proud because you're part of the problem." 

Simmons said to lower the rate, it's going to take everyone individually to say 'enough is enough'. "Those of you who haven't bought into it, I'm sorry for you but you are going to be the big factor why, if we go backwards," he says. "We're checking the numbers. If the next two days numbers look like we think they're going to look like, we're going to have those three days over eight percent."

This comes as Illinois reports  2,264 new cases, the highest number since May 24th. Region four, which includes St. Clair, Madison, Monroe, Randolph, Washington, Bond, and Clinton Counties has the highest positivity rate in the state. The statewide positivity rate is 4 percent.