Missouri news anchor's sick note goes viral when he accidentally emailed the entire company

sick day
By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KMOX) - The latest reminder to double-check your emails before hitting send comes to us courtesy of Nick Vasos of Kansas City's FOX4, who sent a note calling in sick to work on Friday to an entire network of TV stations. 

His email was meant to be seen by just a few managers, but instead went to the inboxes of employees at nearly 200 stations across the U.S. owned by Nexstar Media Group. The email thread was getting so many replies that the company had to shut it down. 

You actually broke the internet, @NickVasos https://t.co/FrQhQZcYMj

— Stefanie (@cloud9kc) November 22, 2019

Possibly the best part is that the note never even made it to his bosses at FOX4, according to the news station.

But the other stations and all of Twitter have been fun since the email was sent on Thursday, as "#NickStrong" and "#PrayersForNick" are trending Friday morning:

How do you bring together staffers across America’s largest local TV station owner?Accidentally blast your sick-call email to the entire company #PrayersForNick https://t.co/Oso0rOgUXm

— Ted Nesi (@TedNesi) November 22, 2019

Production brought to you by Yours Truly™️ Rest up and go get em Monday, @NickVasos !! Hydration is -- #NexstarNation #NickStrong https://t.co/CUE4ZiSZFo

— Julia Heimlich (@JuliaHeimlich) November 22, 2019

Don’t worry #NexstarNation, we here at @FOX4KC are keeping @NickVasos in our prayers until he comes back to work healthy and strong. #PrayersforNick pic.twitter.com/GnXJdzuDty

— Jonathan McCall (@JonathanMcCall) November 22, 2019

Prayers appreciated friends. https://t.co/McqRtP3ub3

— Nick Vasos (@NickVasos) November 22, 2019

Bless this sick mess #PrayersforNick pic.twitter.com/Q2bx6Z0wh1

— Vivien (@VivienReports) November 22, 2019

The email chain that started it all... #PrayersforNick pic.twitter.com/8upnQOYUwy

— Sarah Doiron (@SarahDoiron31) November 22, 2019

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