New coffee brewed in St. Louis supplies jobs for Haitian farmers

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX
ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - There's something brewing with Kyle McClellan's foundation. 

Today is a BIG day! Lets sell some Haitian coffee and help kids and a community. Can’t beat that!

— Kyle McClellan (@KyleMcClellan46) September 3, 2019

He's not just working to rebuild homes and services in Haiti through his "Brace for Impact 46" foundation.

The former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher wants to help improve the country's economy by connecting the locally owned Kaldi's Coffee with a coffee bean farm in Haiti.

The beans are grown on a farm that's been in operation since 1898, creating farming and shipping jobs in the process. 

From there, the beans are sent to Kaldi's Coffee in St. Louis for roasting, packaging, and distribution to customers. 

And proceeds go back to Haiti, helping fund the children's home, school, and medical clinic through Brace for Impact 46.

McClellan tells KMOX he went to Haiti with Kaldi's Coffee in February and that's where the idea came from. 

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