Shrewsbury police: Violent protestors came from St. Charles, Warren Counties

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

SHREWSBURY, MO (KMOX) — A lot of people have questions about those agitators, who are pushing for fires to be started and buildings to be looted after peaceful protesters begin to leave. Most importantly – who are they? 

Shrewsbury Police tells KMOX about an incident on Tuesday when officers stopped cars that were part of a crowd that repeatedly converged on the Walmart parking lot. Officers found two firearms and several torches. The fire department even received a call for a fake medical emergency they think was designed to distract police.

We're learning where some of this week's looters are coming from.@michaelcalhoun reports Shrewsbury police arrested looters Tuesday night. They weren't from STL, Ferguson, or Shrewsbury itself...but from St. Charles and Warren Counties.LISTEN:

— KMOX St. Louis News (@kmoxnews) June 4, 2020  The suspects arrested were from Wentzville and O'fallon in St. Charles County, and Wright City, Missouri in Warren County.

Related: St. Louis gun store owner say civil unrest leads to spike in sales After that, Shrewsbury decided to do a curfew to separate locals from those outside agitators.

Meantime, Twitter has suspended the twitter account for "ANTIFA US" -- because it turns out it was a set-up.

Twitter says those responsible were actually with a white supremacist group called 'Identity Evropa.' The white supremacists-posing-as-protesters put out a tweet calling for looters to move "out of the cities and into residential areas to take what's ours."

Shrewsbury cited that threat as a reason for its curfew, while acknowledging protesters were unfairly blamed for it.

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