Rockwood schools will play sports, outside St. Louis County

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

EUREKA, MO (KMOX)-The Rockwood School District football, soccer, volleyball and field hockey teams, among others, will be returning to competition soon, but not in St. Louis County.

Superintendent Mark Miles has told the district's activities directors to honor previously scheduled games, and schedule new ones, outside St. Louis County, which still bans such games. 

Miles tells KMOX the decision comes after discussions with several people, including health officials. "There are a variety of perspectives, even medical perspectives, that are out there." he says. "In our consultation with our folks, we decided to make this an opportunity for our student-athletes."

Miles was asked if the district has decided that playing high contact sports, is worth the risk of players, staff and others contracting the coronavirus. "That's a difficult question," he says. "The opportunity for our students to engage in athletic competition, and to engage in the regular academic environment, I think it's worth the planning and preparation in order to get them there." 

Miles tells KMOX despite recent covid outbreaks on high school and college football teams, he is confident with the decision. He says they hope to begin playing in two to three weeks and in some cases, Rockwood schools will play each other at sites outside the county.