Face mask requirement in St. Louis City, County will begin July 3

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Everyone will be required to wear a face mask in St. Louis City and County when inside public buildings or when outside and safe social distancing isn't possible, according to an announcement by St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson on Wednesday. 

The new rule will go into effect on July 3. 

Acting on the recommendation of the medical experts on #STL Metro Pandemic Task Force, @STLCityGov will join @SaintLouCo beginning Friday, July 3 in requiring masks or face coverings be worn in indoor facilities at all times and outside when #SocialDistancing is not possible.

— Mayor Lyda Krewson (@LydaKrewson) July 1, 2020

#BREAKINGNEWS:A face mask requirement in St. Louis City and County will begin on July 3. Open to hear the announcement from St. Louis Mayor @LydaKrewson on KMOX: https://t.co/XLXjfXywd7 pic.twitter.com/ULgTNgBLCA

— KMOX St. Louis News (@kmoxnews) July 1, 2020

Krewson says she's putting more power behind just a request to wear a mask.

"We're requiring people to wear a mask when they are in public places and public spaces, or outdoors if you think you can't socially distance."  Krewson said "A lot of the enforcement will be done by the public, frankly we don't have the mask police there. It's no longer a suggestion, or please do it, you really need, must do it. So I think that peer pressure will come to bear on this." 

When KMOX News asked what about violence, for people who do not want to wear them,  which has happened in other cities. The Mayor's spokesman Jacob Long says: "We hope it doesn't get to that point and that everyone will be respectful of each other."

Here's the full description of the new rule, posted on the city's website.

KMOX's previous reporting: 

KMOX News has confirmed with St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page's spokesman, that it's likely to be announced this afternoon, everyone will be required to wear masks when in public in St. Louis County.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force is making the recommendation. Mayor Lyda Krewson's spokesperson says she is following the data and science, and a statement will be coming soon.

Like Page, Krewson is in talks with the Task Force's Chief, Dr. Alex Garza.

The official announcement is expected to be made Wednesday afternoon. 

It comes one day after Missouri surpassed 1,000 deaths due to the coronavirus. On Monday, Kansas City began requiring people to wear masks inside businesses and other places that are open to the public.

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