St. Louis County Animal Control volunteers will have to leave the shelter Saturday

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) — One of the volatile topics likely to come up at tonight's St. Louis County Council meeting: the Animal Care and Control Shelter. KMOX News has learned by this Saturday, the volunteer staff will be gone.

Related: St. Louis County Council mulling investigation of Animal Care and Control In an email last month, volunteers were told there's a reboot and that they can re-apply for their positions.

Spring Schmidt the acting director of the Health Department defended the upheaval because of what the audit of the shelter revealed. "We're not ending the volunteer program.  And, under no circumstances should anyone have used the words terminated or fired, in any way that any volunteer should have been addressed."

 The volunteers seem to have a different take on the reboot email, while Schmidt said there will be volunteers at the county animal shelter, come November 7th, there won't be. After someone at the meeting asked Schmidt "are there going to be days that you will not have volunteers at the shelter because of the reboot?" She eventually admitted there be a few days without any volunteers to care for the animals. The Animal Care and Control shelter already lost two veterinarians and is operating understaffed.

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