Survey indicates customers will be cautious to return to small businesses

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

ALTON, IL (KMOX)-A new survey indicates that Alton area residents will be cautious about returning to businesses and restaurants and will prefer those that take precautions against the coronavirus.

While 39 percent of the 2,300 respondents say they will return to dining out or shopping at a small business once the stay at home order is lifted, 35 percent say they'll wait a month or more while nearly 15 percent say they'll start in two weeks.

Two-thirds indicate they're more likely or much more likely to shop or eat where employees and customers wear masks. Fifty-seven percent say they're more or much more likely to go to a store or restaurant with plexiglass barriers at checkout.

Two-thirds say they'll prefer places that limit the number of customers and have touch free checkout.

When it comes to gatherings of 50 or more, 60 percent say they'll wait a month or more to attend an indoor event. Forty-six percent say they'll wait a month to go to an outdoor event.