World's Fair Donuts will reopen Wednesday under new owner

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — World's Fair Donuts at Vandeventer and Shaw is not gone. It's just been undergoing a re-do of sorts.  It's new owner Jason Bockman,  who is no "stranger" to the donut business, is reopening it this Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Good news for World's Fair fans, Bockman likes tradition.

"We've gone to great extent to keep it as close to original as we can," he tells KMOX's Maria Keena. "There were some updates that needed to be done. We'll be making the donuts that they made for 40 years."

There will be one new sight at World's Fair: Rolling Lawns Milk.

"So a little bit of an update with some of the beverages, but things will still be really cheap. 91 cents for is 91 cents. If you want a bigger coffee, it's $1.82."

Bockman says there's something nostalgic about the old way.

WFD 4ever

— Strange Donuts (@strangedonuts) January 14, 2020

"Paying a little bit of money for a quality product and handing someone a solid dollar, and that's the transaction," Bockman says.

You can find that and more at World's Fair donuts starting Wednesday.

Also, Terry and Peggy, the original owners, are doing well. Soon, there will be something very special that is completely new to the decor, but not to customers and friends of World's Fair Donuts. We'll keep you posted.

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