Philadelphia cream cheese sides with STL on great bagel slicing debate

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Photo credit (Philadelphia on Twitter)
By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

St. Louis bagels finally have the support they've been waiting for. 

Philadelphia Cream cheese is sticking with the St. Louis-style slice and gave their full support on Twitter:

We don't just stand with St. Louis, we slice with St. Louis! Today, we're launching our latest schmear, #StLouisStyle. One brick. Ten slices. Yeah, we’re going there. Find us in the dairy aisle. #Bagelgate #ItMustBeThePhilly

— PHILADELPHIA (@LoveMyPhilly) April 1, 2019

Last week, a St. Louis man named Alex Krautmann shared a photo of two boxes of Panera bagels that were sliced vertically like a loaf of bread - a technique Krautmann dubbed a "St. Louis secret."

This method "allows for smaller, easy-to-consume portions that will toast quickly and are more shareable." But most people - especially New Yorkers - hated it. 

And "St. Louis style" food became a big trend:

Today we're eating our cookies St. Louis style❗

— Chips Ahoy! (@ChipsAhoy) March 27, 2019

nothing reminds me more of the summer than a st louis style hot dog

— Trey Smith (@SlimiHendrix) March 27, 2019

Mmm enjoying a muffin St Louis style!

— 200 Sporcle Badge Haver (@Z_A_Kline) March 27, 2019

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