Planned Parenthood plans to defy Missouri state law on abortion exams

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By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — Planned Parenthood says it plans to defy Missouri state law and may lose its license in the process.

The clinic will stop doing two pelvic exams which the state says must be done on women seeking an abortion.

"We're choosing to provide the best quality, patient-centered care we've always provided at Planned Parenthood," Medical Director Dr. David Eisenberg told CBS News. "And that includes doing things that are driven by science, evidence, and what's medically appropriate."

Another patient spoke to CBS News.

"If there's a medical reason that's keeping me safe, then ok, I'm totally fine with that. But the pelvic exam is just another way to deter you of the decision you already know you want to make."

Planned Parenthood and Missouri are due back in front of a judge Thursday. That judge gave the state until Friday to decide on renewing the clinic's license or not.

Pelvic exams are at the center of the dispute.