Gardner dodges KMOX's questions on hiring legal team at taxpayer expense

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX
ST. LOUIS (KMOX) updated with postponed hearing information - Tuesday morning, lawyers for St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner were scheduled to be in court, to say whether or not she will obey a search warrant seeking six months of her emails as part of a perjury probe. But our Kevin Killeen who was in the courtroom says it has been postponed. 

He reports the case could reconvene later in the week.

However, Gardner still has a fight ahead of her, Tuesday, as she will be in City Hall asking for $80,000 to be shifted from her budget to legal services to help pay her mounting legal bill for the alleged perjury case.

Last week, the Missouri Supreme Court upheld the warrant, but Gardner still refused to hand over her emails, claiming some are protected by "attorney-client privilege." Meanwhile, Gardner dodged KMOX's questions at City Hall Monday, asking how she can justify hiring lawyers from Kansas City and Washington D.C. to mount her legal defense at taxpayer expense.

She had no comment and walked away. 

Gardner is under a gag order to not talk about the perjury case her office is facing, but we thought she'd have something to say about the cost to taxpayers to mount her defense.

Watch the video above to hear the interaction between Gardner and KMOX.

We have learned that Gardner is asking City Hall to shift $80,000 in taxpayer money from her regular budget into her legal services budget, which could help pay for the bill. 

Gardner's office is being accused of impeding a grand jury investigation into alleged perjury by one of her former investigators, William Tisaby. Gardner hired the former FBI agent last year to investigate then-Gov. Eric Greitens.

Tisaby investigated allegations that Greitens took an unauthorized partially nude photo of a woman with whom he had an affair in 2015, a year before he was elected. Gardner said at the time that police refused to investigate the governor; police said they were never asked.Greitens was indicted in February 2018 on felony invasion of privacy. The charge was dropped in May but Greitens, who was also under investigation over other concerns, resigned in June.

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