Blues viral puppy, Barclay, taking next step in training to be assistance dog away from team


ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Barclay, the adorable assistance dog that's been raised by the St. Louis Blues, will continue his training away from the team.

He returned to Duo Dogs Tuesday to receive his advanced assistance dog training. Barclay will learn over 50 skills and over 200 tasks in preparation of being an assistance dog for someone in need.

The Blues started raising him in 2018 as a puppy and was a popular figure during their run to the Stanley Cup a year later.

You might remember the time he nearly broke the internet when he participated in a Blues practice:

Let’s remember some of the best times with Barc, thanks to the @stlbluespup Instagram:

Duo Dogs, Inc., is a national nonprofit organization that trains and connects dogs with people to cultivate positive change in individuals, families and communities. It takes nearly $39,000 to raise and train each dog raised by Duo. There is no charge to clients for the services offered by the organization.

In 2019, Duo Dogs placed 25 facility and assistance dogs and their 300 Touch Teams visited 120 facilities impacting more than 179,000 individuals.

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