WATCH: Another beer company is using Budweiser Clydesdales in Super Bowl commercial

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

(KMOX) - Viewers in the St. Louis region won't see them but the Clydesdales will be in the Super Bowl after all.

However, it's not from Budweiser and only viewers in the Boston and New York markets will see the iconic horses. The Super Bowl ad is from Sam Adams and it pokes fun at Bud’s famous horses.

What starts out with inspirational music turns into a free for all as the horses break free and run down the street as people scatter out of the way. The culprit is the Sam Adams ad character “Your Cousin From Boston,” who is shown at the end of the spot holding a pin that he pulled from the hitch which set the Clydesdales free.

The spot has the potential to cause a legal kerfuffle since AB InBev has a trademark for the Clydesdales. Under the Fair Use Doctrine, the Federal Trade Commission encourages companies to use what's called, comparative advertising, since it benefits consumers by providing several options and encouraging competition.

According to the commission, companies can use a trademark owner's product name for comparative advertising purposes, as long as the competitor is not disparaging the trademarked product or its owner.

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