Three De Soto officers face charges

A man being booked says he was choked and thrown down by police.
Officer Bethany Zarcone is accused of kneeing a handcuffed prisoner in the groin.
Photo credit Jefferson County Sheriff photo

DE SOTO, MISSOURI (KMOX) - Three De Soto police officers have been charged after a man being booked at the city jail September 30th says he was assaulted. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office was contacted Tuesday, asked to investigate. The alleged victim told investigators Sergeant James Daly grabbed his throat so he couldn't breathe, and pushed him onto a bench. Officer Bethany Zarcone is accused of kneeing the handcuffed suspect in the groin.

Also charged is Officer Allayna Campbell for tampering with evidence. She's accused of deleting photos taken of the man following the incident. The Sheriff's report says Daly was no longer with the De Soto Police Department by the time the investigation began. Jefferson County Prosecutor Trisha Stefanski filed the charges Wednesday following the Sheriff's report. Daly faces three counts of third and fourth-degree assault. Zarcone is charged with a single count of third-degree assault.

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