WATCH: St. Louis' flying squirrel? Witnesses say rodent jumps on people waiting for bus

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - We're unsure if this is a story about a brave, annoying or sad furry animal in downtown St. Louis – but we know it's a story. A squirrel has become known to jump on people as they wait for a bus in downtown.

Christie Moss says the squirrel seems friendly about it, staring down on those at the corner of Olive and 17th Streets. She thinks maybe he's using people as a middle step to get to the sidewalk.


Meanwhile, at the barber shop where the squirrel runs on the ledge above the front door, customers seem nonchalant about the crisis. Barber Keith Shackleford says just the other night he saw the squirrel jump on a customer's leg.

It takes a squirrel person to sense these things. Passerby Bryon Whitlock is a squirrel person and says he feel sorry for the little guy stuck living above a barber shop.

He remember feeding pecan to squirrels as a kid and even cared for one in his mom's basement that was injured after being attacked by a raccoon.

But not everybody feels their heart go out to the squirrel.

"I'm not a rodent type of girl," Moss says.

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