Classes for Wichita public schools to start after Labor Day

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Photo credit Wichita Public Schools
By KNSS Radio

The Wichita School Board has voted to start the upcoming school year on Sept. 8 -- after Labor Day.

The Board had asked the calendar committee to make the change. At a meeting Thursday afternoon, board-members looked over the new calendar and accepted the changes. The committee was able to satisfy all the required hours for students with the new calendar.

A team of more than three dozen people took part in the calendar committee. They were able to make up the lost school hours by moving teacher in-service days to the front of the school calendar, and by removing snow/inclement weather days.

If there are any snow days during the school year, the school district will have to consider remote learning on those days.

Parents do have three different options as to how students can attend school when it starts after Labor Day. Parents can choose onsite learning, remote, or an Education Academy.

The district reminds parents that all enrollment forms need to be completely filled out regardless of which model of learning is chosen.

“Parents need to fill out every piece of paper that goes with that, even if you are doing my remote you still need to fill out the free and reduced lunch form,” said Wichita Public School Superintendent, Alicia Thompson. “If you don’t fill that out then we don’t get the funding needed to provide food.”

In addition, the district urged families to get students enrolled as soon as possible, so the district can determine how many students it will have this school year.

“Enroll and you can change your mind later, but just get enrolled so we know that you are coming,” said Thompson. “You can even enroll online.”

Thompson said parents with questions or concerns may call the hotline at 973-4285.