Local tech company awarded $33 million in bonds from Wichita

Cloud computing technology concept with 3D rendering digital screen with circuit cloud display
Photo credit Getty Images
By KNSS Radio

The Wichita City Council approved $33 million in industrial revenue bonds for NetApp, Inc. The company is currently located at 37th and Rock and now plans to build a 168 thousand square-foot facility on the corner of 17th and Oliver, on the Wichita State Innovation Campus.

Council members stressed the importance of this move to diversify the local economy, including Council member James Clendenin.

"Tech sector is something we want to grow here, in light of especially some of the recent layoffs. This is a pretty big win, if you ask me, for the city of Wichita," he said.

According to the city, NetApp is one of the fastest growing global cloud management and data storage providers in the world, with its headquarters located in Sunnyvale, California.