Marshall will move to restart the XL pipeline

Photo credit J. Scott Applewhite-Pool/Getty Images
By KNSS Radio

In one of his first executive orders, President Biden moved to block further development of the XL pipeline, which could move 800,000 barrels of oil  day from Canada southward through the plains states. US Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas tells KNSS News he will work to get the project going again. He thinks the pipeline would keep the US energy independent and could mean many jobs in Kansas.

While not everyone is excited about getting a COVID vaccination, Marshall says he believes the shot is safe. He urges anyone with misgivings to consult their doctor. Marshall is a physician.

Marshall says he is opposed to an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump. Marshall asays he thinks such an impeachment of a former president would be unconstuttional, and an impeachment trial "is just going to turn the temperature up in this country, it's time to move forward".  Marshall commented during the Steve and Ted in the Morning Show on KNSS.