RUSH: The reason we don’t have photo ID for voting

By KNSS Radio

RUSH: My friends, I have a friend out there whose husband had to get a COVID test on Saturday in order to be cleared for eye surgery that is going to happen soon, or did happen, I think it happened today, actually. And my friend’s husband had to show a photo ID to get the COVID-19 test. Another friend had to show a photo ID for the test in order to get a colonoscopy. And then my friend had to show a photo ID to pick up an online order at the local Pottery Barn store, pickup.

The point is that the husband needed a photo ID for a COVID-19 test for some surgery. Another friend had to show photo ID to get a test for a colonoscopy. A friend had to get a test just pick up some stuff at the Pottery Barn. Now, this is all clearly racist, is it not? (interruption) What do you mean, it’s not racist? What do you mean race has nothing to do with it? Race has everything to do with this. And you, of all people, should know this.

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