Sedgwick County manager Stolz tests positive for COVID 19

By KNSS Radio

Three officials guiding Sedgwick County’s response to the coronavirus pandemic ... including the county manager Tom Stolz ... have come down with COVID-19 themselves. Stolz says he hasn’t been to the office since testing positive a week ago and he began experiencing noticeable symptoms Friday. Commission Chair Pete Meitzner tells KNSS News a "hot bed of people" go in and out of the courthouse, and though the county takes all precautions possible, catching COVID-19 in the courthouse is "probably inevitable". Meitzner and commissioners Lacey Cruse, Jim Howell and David Dennis confirmed they were tested last week as a precaution. All four said their results came back negative.

Sedgwick County officials continue sorting through requests for CARES pandemic relief from the federal government. Meitzner tells KNSS News there is about 77 million dollars left ... handed out in five-thousand-dollar grants. That money has to be distributed by year's end. Meitzner commented during the Steve and Ted in the Morning Show on KNSS.