Senator Jerry Moran says work matters

Jerry Moran, Senator . official photo.jpg
By KNSS Radio

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran visited a Wichita plant where Spirit AeroSystems workers have been making ventilators to help in treating COVID-19 patients. The federal government now wants cut back on that production, and Moran tells KNSS News he's going to find out what's behind that decision. He says there is still great demand for ventilators world-wide. Moran says Wichita is not only the Air Capital, but is now the Ventilator Capital as well, and he wants to see that work continue in Wichita. 

Many Americans are taking a three-day Labor Day weekend. Senator Jerry Moran says "work matters, it gives us purpose, it gives us meaning", and every person's job is deserving of respect. Moran says his first job as a boy was selling Grit magazine to his neighbors in western Kansas. Moran commented on the Steve and Ted in the Morning Show on KNSS.