Wichita sets public hearing for new stadium CID boundary change

Baseball and bat on grass field with white stripe
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By KNSS Radio

The city of Wichita has set a public hearing for next month to amend the new downtown ballpark's Community Improvement District.

Riverfront Partners LLC, the new owner of the Development site where the Metropolitan Baptist Church currently resides, petitioned the city to add the church area and recently acquired city land on the west side of Sycamore to the stadium CID. 

The group also requested removal of certain city-owned property that was inadvertently included in the stadium CID. 

Mark Elder with the city, stressed that the CID is not a new sales or property tax on current businesses in Wichita. "The CID is strictly just a sales tax on the property within those boundaries and it’s primarily besides from maybe the Ice Sports, it's all undeveloped property there," he said.

The public hearing is set for February 11.