CA Health Officials Report the State's 1st COVID-19 Death of a Child

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California health officials have reported the state's first coronavirus death of a child.

The state Department of Public Health said Friday the victim was a teenager.

The department says the Central Valley teen suffered from other compromising health issues, however, no details were released. 

There are new reports suggesting that children infected with COVID-19, even those with mild cases or who are asymptomatic, can suffer long term lung damage.

Only about 9% of California's half-million confirmed virus cases are children, and very few have suffered conditions serious enough for hospitalization. Scientists still aren't certain why children don't seem to be as seriously affected by the virus as adults. 

On July 27, the governor announced a $52 million investment put into the Central Valley to improve isolation protocols, testing protocols, quarantine procedures and staffing. The funds come from a larger grant provided by the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Latino communities in the Central Valley counties were mentioned specifically several times Monday. Part of the presentation was given in Spanish as part of an effort to connect with those residents directly.

"We are seeing top-level, high-level transmission rates (in the Central Valley) and positivity rates as high as 18% in some of the counties," said Dr. Mark Ghlay, California Secretary of Health and Human Services. "We're seeing an inordinate number of cases."

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