'Entourage' Star Deflects Q's on #MeToo Allegations, Talks New Stand-Up Career


A KNX In-Depth interview with an 'Entourage' star packed some serious heat Thursday.

Jeremy Piven joined In-Depth to discuss his upcoming stand-up debut, past roles, and career. 

The conversation turned contentious after the actor, best known for his Golden Globe-winning role as viper-Hollywood agent,  Ari Gold, tried to defend himself over past sexual misconduct allegations from numerous women. 

Host Charles Feldman asked Piven about his pivot to stand-up and if he felt like a victim caught up in an overzealous #MeToo Movement? 

"It's not right to put words in my mouth and I think we are living in a time where because of this movement there has been a lot of attention that has been paid to things that haven't been - like equal pay which wasn't focused on before," Piven said.

"Certain minority groups getting shots to get roles that they haven't. Women being in empowered. My sister is a great director and she's getting more shots than she ever has. There are more female directors out there. Now, I know that you asked that question for all the right reasons because you seem like a very decent person. In a lot of cases, the media needs to get clicks and that is a variable I know you guys will admit to and that is a huge thing. You need to get attention, you need to get clicks and there is a race to be first."

Pivin added that he believes there is a rush to judge people. "In certain cases in the court of public opinion, [we've> forgotten about any type of due process and there were people that were misusing their power.

"I have been a professional actor my whole life and was part of some collateral damage of that movement [#MeToo Movement>." He said, "in 2017 there was an article saying I did some things. None of them were accurate and we are basically going over old material."

Multiple women, including those who worked on the "Entourage" set, came forward in the past with allegations of sexual misconduct by the actor. HBO later said that there were no complaints about the actor while on the set of the show.

Piven said he didn't want to bore people with the past, but to talk about entertainment and his upcoming show.

"We don't need to go through this and we don't want to bore the public because we are here to talk entertainment and my show at the Brea Improv Friday and Saturday night," he said. "I had nothing to do with this and I had no choice but to take a lie detector and passed on every count and that's reality."

Piven said there is no "resurrection" of his career because not only is he working, but he is continuing his stand-up journey and working all the time, including upcoming movies.

"I believe our job in this life is to learn and grow and evolve," he said. "Here's the reality when I go and perform for these people no one knows what you guys brought up, they just simply don't know. I have a connection with them as a performer... I am incredibly lucky in the way that I get to perform for full houses all over the country and that's incredible and that's not lost on me." 

Piven will headline upcoming stand-up comedy shows at Brea Improv this weekend.

"I'm so incredibly honored I get to tour and people show up and we have an incredible time and it's my job to make them laugh from beginning to end and it's my honor and I love it," Piven said.

He said part of his professional journey as an actor is sketch-comedy adding he started at Second City with Chris Farley.

"All roads lead to stand-up," Piven said. He said stand-up is a one-man show "complete and utterly" and it's "terrifying."

Piven recounted how he was at the Laugh Factory this week for a routine and recalled how he immediately started writing jokes and crafting jokes to use as material. 

"You're never too old to start something new or to learn for sure," Piven said.

For tickets to Piven's show, click here.