CA Salon, Barbershop Owners Vow to Reopen Indoors

Hair Salon with Masks (GETTY)
Photo credit Hair Salon with Masks (GETTY)

A group of salon and barbershop owners across California have joined together in a movement vowing to reopen on Aug. 17. 

As it stands now, those businesses on the state's COVID-19 monitoring list can only operate outside. But they say that's not a realistic option, and they're planning to rally at the State Capitol on Tuesday, calling for a full reopening. 

“(Governor Newsom) only granted dry hair cuts outdoors. The majority of our clientele, I would say about 95%, are color clients,” Salon W owner Wendy Diaz tells KTXL. “So, if we can’t do color, we can’t work.” 

The movement is called Open Safe California, and it has connected more than 3,000 stylists and barbers on Facebook, determined to begin serving customers indoors. 

“We are probably the cleanest business in California, and we have been targeted for months now. And we have no explanation as to why,” Diaz said. “So, we’re just going to open.”

Stylists and clients will be required to wear masks, sanitize frequently, and do temperature checks, but should they go against state guidance, they could face fines or lose their licenses. 

On July 20, Gov. Gavin Newsom released new guidelines for barbershops and hair salons to operate outdoors in a safe environment. 

According to the guidelines on the California COVID-19 website, "This document provides guidance for hair salons and barbershops to support a safe, clean, outdoor environment for workers and customers. Hair salon or barbershop owners or operators must acknowledge that lessees should only resume operations when they are ready and able to implement the necessary safety measures to provide for their safety and that of their customers."