City of Compton Enforcing Mask Mandates with Major Fines

Compton (GETTY)

The city of Compton in partnership with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will begin cracking down on non-mask-wearers, but instituting substantial fines. 

Fines start with a written warning, but quickly progress to a $500 fine for a second violation, then $750 for a third violation, and finally a fine of $1,000 for a fourth violation. 

The new order applies to anyone who enters city limits and fails to wear a mask or face covering, and any business owners who don't comply with LA County mandates on the COVID-19 emergency order.

"As the COVID-19 cases in Compton continue to grow exponentially, we are issuing this order to ensure residents and visitors comply with coronavirus restrictions that can help save lives and reduce the spread," City Manager Craig Cornwell tells FoxLA 11

"We urge everyone to wear a mask when stepping outside their home, not just to protect themselves, but to help keep others around them safe from this virus that continues to hurt families and our local economy. We also ask businesses to continue practicing safe measures to protect their staff and customers."

West Hollywood isn't messing around on face masks. Failure to wear a mask in public could earn you a $300 fine.

Residents and business owners in Contra Costa County are now facing fines for ignoring local COVID-19 health orders.  

According to KRON4, fines will range from $100 to $500 for individuals, and from $250 to $1,000 for businesses.