LAUSD Campuses Will Remain Closed When Classes Resume Aug. 18


Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner has announced that the district's campuses will remain closed when classes resume Aug. 18.

He says the "health and safety of all in the school community is not something we can compromise."

Beutner sent a letter to parents on Monday saying "The challenge for schools remains how to strike the right balance between three sometimes conflicting objectives – the learning needs of students, the health and safety of all in the school community and the impact the virus is having on working families.We made the decision to close school facilities before there was any occurrence of the virus at our schools, and this proved to be the right call. Science was our guide then, and it will continue to be. Unfortunately, Covid-19 continues to spread in the Los Angeles area and the virus is going to impact how we start the new school year.While the new school year will begin on August 18th as scheduled, it will not begin with students at school facilities. The health and safety of all in the school community is not something we can compromise."

There was a joint statement from LAUSD and San Diego Unified School District: 

"Therefore, we are announcing that the new school year will start online only. Instruction will resume on August 18 in Los Angeles Unified and August 31 in San Diego Unified, as previously scheduled. Both districts will continue planning for a return to in-person learning during the 2020-21 academic year, as soon as public health conditions allow.
This announcement represents a significant disappointment for the many thousands of teachers, administrators and support staff, who were looking forward to welcoming students back in August. It is obviously an even greater disappointment to the many parents who are anxious for their students to resume their education. Most of all, this decision will impact our students in ways that researchers will take years to understand.
 Our leaders owe it to all of those impacted by the Covid-19 closures to increase the pace of their work. No one should use the delay in the reopening of classrooms as a reason to relax. The coronavirus has not taken a summer vacation, as many had hoped. Indeed, the virus has accelerated its attacks on our community.
 The federal government must provide schools with the resources we need to reopen in a responsible manner."
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— Austin Beutner (@AustinLASchools) July 13, 2020